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Help Nebal Recover from Injuries & Job Loss

tl;dr: I need help making enough money to afford rent after losing everything from breaking my hip.

Starting August 2022, I have been in a downward spiral that has taken everything from me. I broke my hip, had insecure housing, had to give up my cat, got diabetes, and lost my job. Financially, I am on my last legs. I have only a month or so of savings left and need to find a way to pay food, rent, and medical expenses at least until I'm able to land another job. I'm asking for your help but wanted to offer something, anything. So I made some shirts and merch out of some designs or memes I had laying around - they're expensive, but think of them as a thank you for a large donation. 

Ideally, you'd join us on Patreon where you get exclusive access to new work, my score library, recordings, essays, and more. I also have a gofundme running specifically for this fundraiser if you wish to just send money straight. 

With love,