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Composition is only one out of several things I do - so I organized my services into three studios: ​

Composition Studio

Consultation Studio

Creation Studio

(Please note: a separate website that dives more deeply into these services and provides easy access to my portfolio is in development)

Composition Studio

 The composition studio is dedicated to the art of making music, and it involves music commissions, workshops, lectures, and lessons. 


  • Music composition

  • Workshops & lectures

  • Composition lessons

  • Beginner flute lessons

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Consultation Studio

If you want to grow your online presence and need a plan, then this studio’s for you. Let’s book a free initial consultation so that we can figure out exactly what you need, and from there we’ll come up with a data-driven, effective plan to grow your reach, boost donations, or get your message heard. 


The consultation studio is all about getting a clear idea of what your goals are, and how you can reach those goals in a realistic way. 


After our initial consultation, you’ll receive a proposal for further collaboration. 


  • FREE initial consultation (30 min)

  • Sliding scale consultations (30-60 min)

    • Online Presence or DEI

  • Strategic planning

  • Client personas

Creation Studio

Let’s say you need a website designed from scratch, or you want someone to produce a podcast, we’ll still have an initial consultation to make sure that this plan is effective, and then you’ll receive a proposal. 


  • Industry articles, whitepapers, blogs.

  • Website services, SEO, copywriting, design

  • Social media services (content calendar, data analysis, marketing)

  • Full (or partial) service podcast and/or video creation and production, YouTube optimization

  • Concert planning & production

  • General business, marketing, development assistance

  • Airtable database production and data organization



American Composers Orchestra, I Care if You Listen, NewMusicBox, Versatel Solutions, TomahWares

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