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Marketing Strategy

The Queer Arabs

The Queer Arabs Podcast has grown over the years to include dozens of guests and hundreds of weekly listeners. But with growth comes increasing expenses. 

When they approached me with this issue, they made it clear that they wanted the process to be fun and collaborative. 

This is what I came up with. 

Sales Writing


One of the most formative years of my life was working with TomahWares (now Brandire). The organization helps government agencies and non-profits solidify their branding and break through the sea of noise. 

I did a lot of work with TomahWares helping them define their own brand while creating high quality work for clients. We helped the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities create a podcast, the Department of Employment Services launch their Talent and Client Services Office and created lots of annual reports, videos, photography, and creative services for dozens of clients. 

Part of the work also crafting a unified process for how we do our work. We created this framework from scratch and I wrote this one-pager to help clients get an understanding of where they stand for their marketing. 



I'm also able to design sites, flyers, and documents. I'm pretty good at Canva and can also work with Affinity/Adobe products for larger, more complex projects. I understand basic concepts of design and can create a solid brand identity. Here is a flyer I created for my own fundraising. Notice the consistent use of color, fonts, logo placement, and detailed copy.

Like what you see? 

Let's talk about how I can help you master your messaging and solidify your brand. I offer free initial consultations that include a review of your website and social media. Click the button below to fill out a form and schedule a free initial consultation. 

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