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Nebal has been a guest on several influential podcasts, including Trilloquy, The Queer Arab Podcast,  & The Naked Truth.. Check out these episodes below, and please subscribe to their podcasts for more great interviews.

One Year after releasing "It's Time to Let Classical Music Die" Nebal talks to Dr. Imani Mosley about how their views have developed, clarified misconceptions on the piece, and have a meaningful conversation on efficacious decolonization. 

Listen to Garret McQueen & Scott Blankenship from Trilloquy - Opus 26 interview Nebal on their NewMusicBox article, It's Time to Let Classical Music Die

Alia & Nadia from the Queer Arabs Podcast interview Nebal Maysaud in a two-part episode that was featured among the top 5 podcasts of 2020 on Spotify!

Get an inside look into Nebal's music, including Decolonized Arabesques and learn about their process and motives for writing the piece and how it translates in their music. You'll also learn some info that could be a little tmi 

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