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Decolonized Arabesques

For Ahed Tamimi


Commissioned by Ethan Valentin

Premiered by Daniel Whitworth, Nathaniel Sattler, Emmett Jackson, and Ethan Valentin


Saxophone (Soprano doubles Alto)


Double Bass



Duration: 12 minutes

Price: $50

Digital Score & Parts: $50

Scroll down for a free score preview

Free Score Preview

Feel free to peruse the score below. Please understand that you, by no means, should perform from this preview score. As an independent artist I not only depend on your purchases, but on information about performances for royalties and applications. If the proposed cost is at all a barrier for you, please feel free to contact me and I'll happily let you pay any amount you can can for the score, no questions asked. 

Purchase now for $50 dollars or press the "Name Your Price" button, which will open an email where you can ask for the score at a different price.


Unfortunately, Wix doesn't allow for name your price so that feature has to be done manually. Thank you for understanding. 

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