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Ravenous Reviews

Since I wrote It’s Time to Let Classical Music Die on NewMusicBox, several Nazi forums immediately became informed about this work and I’ve received steady cyber-bullying, harrassments, and death threats since. While some of these were no joke, a couple of them were hilarious:

Ravenous Reviews

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"An ugly piece of music by a genocidal antiwhite who wants to inflict psychological harm on young white children with his antiwhite pretexts."

- Richard Wagner

"Racism"? "Racist" is an antiwhite slur directed at those who support the Wellbeing of White people such as the men and women who are against White Erasure: the degradation and replacement of White people and their expressions/culture with nonwhites and their expressions/cultures."

Free Score Preview

- Richard Wagner

"Here we have a Caucasian composer appropriating extended techniques that don’t belong to his heritage in order to protest the exploitation of brown people. The real shame is that these techniques don’t help communicate anything, they are there to demonstrate how woke this music thief is. These techniques are used by others well. 

Oh also when we aren’t listening to ass we are listening to a derivative work from the “relaxing piano” CD they play on the local shitty classical radio station."

- Peyton McGrath

"I have no idea what poly-ajna means, I don't think it comes from music world (maybe in diverse music where you bang your head against palm tree to produce what you call sound), your fugue sucks, it is unpleasant to listen to, you can slap as many bombastic titles you want on it, but the music itself, is well... bad. I don't use youtube to advertise what I do, the "genocided" palestinians have happily multiplied their population 6 times since Israels creation. Idk man, your whole life is a lie, try making falafel."

- myyoutubeusername

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