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About Me

Nebal is an scholar, poet, and composer whose works focus on the profundity of pitch, semiotics, and esotericism to create artworks that transcend the physical and foster cosmic connection towards the realization of radical unity.


Explore ways you can make an impact in the treatment of minority classical musicians, develop a deeper understanding of spirituality, and learn how to grow a following as a freelance artist.

It’s Time to Let Classical Music Die

Published by NewMusicBox

June 2019

Tags: Racism, Classical Music


Am I Not a Minority? 

Published by NewMusicBox

June 2019

Tags: Racism, Classical Music

I’m Learning Middle Eastern Music the Wrong Way

Published by NewMusicBox

June 2019

Tags: Racism, Classical Music


Is Patreon Worth it? 

April 2020

Tags: Patreon, freelance, artist


All composers deserve a voice. But right now, too many barriers are in place that ensure low income musicians of color are abandoned. By concentrating funding on racist institutions at every step of a classical musician’s growth - from their first lesson to their final commission - rich, white, and often racist donors have too much of a say in who can turn their art into a career and who is left behind. 


Enough is enough. We need to divest from these institutions and create our own funding within our own communities. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help.


You have the power and resources to keep my art and my ideas alive. I am not supported by any non-profit or university. My artwork is a direct connection to and from my community. 


That’s why I use Patreon. 

Patreon is more about funding a musician’s art. My work is rooted in community building and healing. Your patronage will make you a part of a larger network that will: 


  • Build community among marginalized artists through The Post Arabesque Podcast.

  • Create opportunities for low income music lovers with discount rates on commissions for individuals.

  • Create room to boycott institutions that don’t value artists of color.

  • Develop independence for marginalized artists through writing blog posts, articles, music analysis, and composition livestream & instruction.


“Their music is an absolute joy to listen to, explore, and embody! I have grown as a musician and as a spiritual thinker through watching and working with Nebal, and I can only hope to have the honor of collaborating with them again and again.”



“I have been to several performances of Nebal’s music, and those have been some of the most moving and interesting performances I’ve been to in my lifetime. Beautiful and powerful composition.”



“I’ve had so many positive experiences as results of collaborations with Nebal. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them on four compositions. Each project has been unique, fun, thought-provoking, and inspiring.”


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